Common Mistakes When Applying for VA Disability

Filing a case for Veteran disability benefits can be a difficult and long process. Even if you served in the Armed Forces and may qualify for benefits, doesn’t mean your application will be accepted. Making errors can make the process take longer and result to a denial. In this post, we are going to discuss and highlight some basic mistakes veterans make when applying for VA disability benefits.

Not Obtaining a Medical Opinion

Perhaps the most widely recognized error that Veterans make is not getting a clinical assessment that upholds their case that their disability is connected to their military service. Getting an opinion from a medical professional is vital and can solidify your claim for benefits.

Waiting or Procrastinating to File a VA Disability Application

Many Veterans wait until their ailments or injuries are more serious than they have to be to apply for disability benefits. If you have a condition that qualifies you for disability benefits, document everything and submit your application. Don’t delay your benefits or decrease your chances of receiving a large back payment.

Not Filing an Appeal

Another error we encourage you not to make is giving up if your application is initially denied or your disability rating is lower than it ought to be given your medical condition. You have the right to appeal the decision. For appeals in 2021 or later, there are more choices for filing an appeal, and some can prompt a speedier decision.

Not Filing for Secondary Conditions

A secondary disability is one that came about because of an ailment that is already service-related. Numerous Veterans neglect to file for secondary conditions when they apply for benefits.

This is an error because a clinical evidence is vital for both basic and secondary conditions. In addition, the initial date you fit the bill for benefits for the secondary condition would be equivalent to the basic one and increase the amount of your retroactive advantages.

Not Hiring a Veterans Benefits Consultant

It is essential to hire the services of a professional with knowledge and experience to not only help guide you through the process but also expedite your claims process With the help of the VFAC services, we help you fill out your application effectively, collect the proof you need to support it, and resolve any issues that could bring about your application being denied so if you fall into this category, contact us to get started.


Need Help with your VA Disability Claim? Try not to Give Up!

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